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My grout is really dark through the traffic areas will this clean up?

The results are truly amazing. We have cleaned grout in many restaurants where the grout was literally black and it has come up like new. You will be amazed. The one concern with extremely soiled grout is that the soiling covers up permanent staining that you may not have been aware of. Cleaning may reveal these stains and they can be permanent.

I have tried to clean the grout myself and it turned out really poor. It now appears blotchy. Is this fixable?

This is quite common many clients have spent hours on their hands and knees scrubbing.They stand back to survey their work and see that it is blotchy; this is due to a number of things. Too little dwell time in spots and too much dwell time on others. You may have scrubbed a little harder in one area and not in another. Our cleaning system can fix this.

My grout is cracked and missing can I still have it cleaned?

Cracked grout is damaged grout. It can still be cleaned, but due to the cracking it has the potential to crack further and possibly break out. We will be extra gentle with our cleaning but potential for further damage to your grout does exist. Extensive areas with grout missing should be re-grouted.

 My grout in my bathroom around my toilet is discoloured can this be removed with your cleaning?

Good question. Staining around toilets is difficult to completely remove as the staining usually has gone very deep in the grout itself. So to answer your question this type of staining is usually fairly permanent. If the stain is fairly fresh and the grout has been sealed more of the discolouration will be removed. So the longer you leave it unclean and not sealed the worse it will get. It is recommended to have your tile & grout cleaned even if the results are not as spectacular as in a typical kitchen.

Friendly service & trustworthy, competitive prices, excellent work, very satisfied. We had some very bad pet stains and AAA was able to rid us of the smell and also the stain. I appreciate knowing we will get a good job done with out being on top of them.
Colleen Winn


Ketchup: Sponge a mixture of 1 cup vinegar and 2 cups water into rug. Frequently wring out sponge until stain is gone.


100% Money back guarantee good for 7 days after   the last re-clean which must be done within 7 days of the original cleaning.


7 day spill warranty – if anything is  accidentally spilt on the carpet in the first week we will return and  spot for NO CHARGE.


30 day no spots will return – if spots return we  will return to re-clean or spot as necessary.


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