interesting ways you can use toothpaste other than for brushing your teeth

Besides giving you bright teeth, minty breath and a healthy smile, tooth paste has some very interesting uses, now I must admit I personally have not tried all of these but they are certainly INTERESTING!!

10 Toothpaste Hacks

Neutralize food odour on your skin

If you’ve ever chopped garlic or onions, you know that the odours these give off can stay on your skin for a while, even after you’ve washed your hands with soap and water. One way to neutralize the odour is to clean your hands with a little water and toothpaste.

Run out of hair gel?

Gel toothpaste will do the job in a pinch and leave you trailing a minty fresh scent.

Deal with bug bites

Use a dab of toothpaste on mosquito bites to stop the itch instantly! Just make sure you don’t use the gel varieties for this, as that will sting!

Scuffed up leather shoes

If you’ve got scuffed up leather shoes or boots and no leather cleaner or moisturizer around, a dab of toothpaste on a dry cloth, rubbed over the scuffs and then removed with a clean damp cloth should see you on your way to scuff free clodhoppers!

If you’re partial to running shoes with white rubber toes or sides, you can clean these up when they get dingy with non-gel toothpaste and an old brush! Just as with scuffs, all you need to do is wipe them off with a clean, damp cloth afterwards, for a brand new looking shoe!

Run out of sanitizer?

A little toothpaste and water will do in a pinch, though why you’d have a tube of paste handy if you don’t have any sanitizer is a question for another time!

Clean your diamonds

If you happen to have any, diamond rings do very well in the sparkle department after a shine up with a toothbrush and paste. Once you’ve got your shine back, just remove any residual paste with a damp cloth.

If diamonds aren’t your thing, this trick will also work with silver that has tarnished too. And if you’ve got chrome fixtures in your bathroom or kitchen, non-gel toothpaste will do the trick! Spread it on and then shine and wipe with a dry cloth!

Eliminate water rings

Did a guest recently put a sweating glass of something delicious on your wooden coffee table, without a coaster, leaving behind a water ring? No problem! Just rub some non-gel paste into the ring and then wipe it off with a damp cloth. The ring should come off beautifully; just let it all dry up before waxing or polishing!

Shine up your piano keys

After years of use, piano keys can start to take on a dingy appearance. Give them a light scrub with toothpaste and an old toothbrush and wipe them clean again with a damp cloth.

Fog free goggles

If you’re a swimmer, you’ll probably have experienced your goggles fogging up on you. Try this: smear a bit of toothpaste on each lenses, wipe it off completely and you should be fog free for a while!

This works for bathroom mirrors as well: just wipe some on to the mirror—perhaps just the part you need for your face—and then wipe it off. When you’re done you’re shower, you’ll still be able to see yourself, without the fog!

And if your car headlights are fogging up, use this technique to stop that too! Just wipe on the paste and scrub in circles. Then wipe it off. Voila!

Take etching scratches out of glassware and even screens

A little toothpaste rubbed into the scratches will reduce their appearance dramatically! This technique will also work with watch faces, CDs and DVDs and more!