There is always something happening around AAA Steam Carpet Cleaning, but what sometimes excites us as carpet cleaner is not always as exciting to our readers. So if this section bores ya, you have my blessing to skip it but I do have things to share;

Big Changes are Happening at AAA Steam Carpet Cleaning!

• We finally had our door hangers designed, printed and have been distributing them all over Niagara, hey you may have even found one on your door handle!

• Our new website is finally up and running, I have to give Carol all the credit for it, she has been to soo many meetings with developers. Matt and I shot several short videos on most of services which are now on the site. A big thank you to Future Access and to my daughter Kate for the videos and editing.

• We purchased an amazing new flood extraction tool. No one wants to find their basement flooded, but its comforting to know that we have a tool that can quickly extract the water from the carpet, pad and flooring. The Aqua Helix drag high volume extraction wand is truly amazing to see in action!!

• New spotter bottles and our own new labels are DONE!!! Carol and her niece Emily were such a help getting this put together. This new spotting product is a powerful spotting agent for synthetic carpets. We have been using a version of this for years and have not been disappointed. Plus we have doubled the size of the spotter so it will go twice as far! They are available for purchase in our office, and they are included in your cleaning when you pay for the Value or Premium Packages!

• NEW PAYMENT Method – Besides hard cold cash, cheque, Master Card & Visa we know accept American Express Card. Everyone loves options, now you have one more!