family roasting marshmallows over a campfire during the summer

For those clients who have not received a newsletter from us before, welcome to our blog, a new platform we’re excited to use to share exciting and important information about our industry, facts, tips, and family life!

Our long-term readers know how we always start out each issue off with what’s new in our large family, just to catch some of our new readers up, here is a quick description of our family: Carol and I have 7 amazing children, 4 beautiful grand-babies, as well we have 2 incredible foster children that we love and adore. Our third child is married and has our 4 grand-babies, and thankfully lives close by.

Summer Highlights with the Hahn’s

Bear vs. Wake Board

Our summer was the usual crazy busy season, which involved; Camping, Cottages, afternoons at the Beach on Seadoo’s, Rodeos, evenings at Clifton Hill, and movies at the Fonthill Drive in. Some of the highlights in all the activities were; during our week at Alleghany we had an interesting encounter with a bear. Now, we always see bears in Alleghany but this year was different.

At about 2am we heard this huge thud on the side of our cabin. I thought all the kids had fallen out of their bunks at the same time! Grabbing the flashlight, I ran to the side window, just in time to see a bear getting back on its feet, turn and run behind the cabin. Running to the back window my flashlight illuminated a bear sprinting away into the bush. Then I began to see other lights flashing on the bear and shouting, which was all coming from a Park Ranger who had been chasing the bear.

The next morning while still wondering what had caused such a loud thud on the side of the cabin under the side window, I went outside finding a large muddy paw print and below that, partly slid under the cabin, was my son’s skim board (which is a darn slippery thing). Apparently, the bear was running from the Ranger, past our cabin, slipped on the wake board and ran right into the side our cabin and that was when I saw it getting up. LOL.

1 Summer, 3 Hospital Trips

We also had a few medical runs to the hospital this summer. Our one daughter cut off the end of her thumb at work, which had me racing to the hospital with the tip of her thumb in a bowl of ice and trying to keep her calm. I was passing everyone on the road with my 4 ways on, once we arrived at the hospital we sat for hours until we were seen. She is just fine by the way!

Our second hospital run happened within hours of arriving at Alleghany State Park, our son got a fish hook deep into his thumb, so to avoid us putting in an insurance claim in New York State, Carol drove him back across the border to Fort Erie, where he got quick treatment, they kept the lure though and put it on their wall of shame (lure)!

Then in at an end of the summer soccer game our oldest son, Matt got tackled by two big guys and fractured his ankle. He was old enough to take himself to the hospital sparing his mom and dad the hospital wait (although we would have happily took him). All but the ankle are all healed up!!!

Marriage on the Horizon!

Now the real big news I was saving for last, as I mentioned we have one married daughter (#3). Well this summer two of our children got ENGAGED!!! Number 2 and number 4.

Many of you know my son Matt, he has worked for us since he was a youngster and has been working full time for us nearing 10 years. Well he met the girl of his dreams, and he had high expectations. From the moment they met this spring they both new and hit off like I had never seen before. Years ago, he had asked me how you know when you meet the right one? I said if you have to ask then she is not the right one, you will just know! Well he knew Porsche was the right one, and they got engaged this summer and got married this October. We are very excited & happy for the both of them!!!

Then in August, a very nice young man, Noah who had been dating our daughter Madison for several years came over, had a great talk with me and asked for our blessing in getting married. Which we said yes to, and they will be married August of 2019.

Goodbye Summer 2018

I hope you and your family had a great summer, making memories that will last a life time. I know for so many parents (including us) it’s always nice to see that big yellow bus pull up in front of the house after a busy summer. But do look back at all the great memories you made, make a scrap book with your kids, or journal it down somewhere so you can recall them years from now.

There’s nothing I enjoy more than opening my Facebook account and finding a set of photos from some event with our family years ago, I can’t help but sit and remember that moment in time. Let’s face it, time really does fly by, so we need to redeem the time we have. Fall has some great events to do as a family, take the time to do it.