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Fabric Upholstery

Next to your carpets, upholstered furniture  is the most used item in your home. Like carpets, upholstered furniture  collects dust, odors and food crumbs along with daily soil particles from  clothing and skin.

The  Number One Recommended Method For Cleaning Carpets And Upholstery Is The Hot  Water Extraction Method.

AAA Steam Carpet Cleaning technicians  are Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration  certified in upholstery cleaning. We only use the best products possible to  ensure your upholstery is cleaned without upsetting the appearance, feel or  comfort of your furnishings.

  • Expert spotting and stain treatments
  • Deodorizing and Fabric Guard treatments to refresh and protect furniture
  • Specialty cream treatments and hand buffing to renew leather suppleness and lustre
  • Application of fabric protection to extend upholstery life and protect against stains


It is important that the following steps be adhered to when having your upholstery cleaned;

  • Pre-Inspection
    • It is vitally Important to know what materials are in the make up of the fabric and the pieces construction.
    • Cotton’s & Rayons are two of several materials that required speciality cleaning products and cleaning procedures.
    • To check for wear and tear, UV damage, tears and pulls.
    • To ask if it has been cleaned before – improper cleaning products and methods can show in subsequent cleanings as colour runs and fading, water marking (especially with cottons) and weaken material strength causing tears
  • Pre- Conditioning
    • Vacuuming where required
    • Proper pre-spray and dye lock per material
    • Working in the cleaning products into the material
  • Cleaning Method & Tools
    • Low Moisture tools or direct spray depending on condition & material
  • Post-Treatment and Inspection
    • Final inspection of all areas cleaned
    • Pile grooming with horse hair brush (where required)
    • pH stabilizer and dye set applied (depending on material)
    • Protectant applied when requested

Beware of untrained, uninsured cleaners who do not have the certification and experience to properly inspect and clean your upholstery, the damage they cause is not always immediately noticeable. Colour loss and fading can takes days or weeks to shows, and it can seem gradual so that you do not notice it till you compare an unclean or piece that has not received direct sunlight. Strong and high pH cleaning products that are left behind can also greatly deteriorate the fabric itself causing ripping and tearing as well as possible dye runs and bleeds. Again often times these conditions show up in subsequent cleans.

AAA Steam Carpet Cleaning is NOT the cheapest cleaner in St. Catharines area, actually there are lots of cleaners who are very “cheap”. But like my father used to tell me “Cheap is good, but good is not cheep!”  We simply will not cut corners to be the cheapest cleaner, we will not risk your expensive upholstery to make a quick buck and leave you with the consequences. So if you are looking for a quick cheap cleaning you have come to the wrong place, but if you want an honest cleaning, done by trained and certified, insured professional and are will to pay a fair price we are your company.

Our pricing starts at:

  • Ottoman $15
  • Chair / Lazy boy $50
  • Loveseat $80
  • Chesterfield $95
  • Sectionals $125 – $300

*** Loose back cushions, cotton or rayon or light or off white colours will incur an addition charge

Our price is for the entire piece, cushions both sides, backs, sides, fronts, skirts – don’t be fooled by a company quoting a lower price and then finding out it is extra for the sides and back. This is an unscrupulous practice that we are afraid happens all to often allowing these companies to get into your homes. AAA Steam Carpet Cleaning wants your business now and in the future and besides that we want you to soooo pleased that you refer us to your friends and family. You will always know what the EXACT cleaning price will be BEFORE any work begins – NO SURPRISES!!

Just ask the Hollands;

“Amazed, delighted, 100% satisfied. The workmanship was superb. The previous company who cleaned, informed me it (ink mark) would NEVER come out. Well, Dave got that mark out & my furniture looks better now than it did when it was brand new. From our first call to book the appointment, for punctuality, friendliness, & competence, we would recommend AAA.”
Yvonne & Murray Holland

Dave was courteous, & professional. No mess, quick & reasonable price, I am thrilled with the results. Drying time was only a few hours. Equipment used was carefully moved being respectful of my other carpets & furniture.
Bev Heynings, Housewife


Soft drinks: The carbonation in soft drinks will help you clean spilled drinks quickly, but act fast because some of the dyes in the drinks can permanently stain your carpet. Blot up the spilled drink. Mix 1 teaspoon mild detergent, 1 teaspoon white vinegar, and 1 quart warm water. Apply the solution to the spot. Let the carpet dry. If the spot remains, repeat the procedure. Vacuum gently.

100% Money back guarantee good for 7 days after the last re-clean which must be done within 7 days of the original cleaning.


7 day spill warranty – if anything is accidentally spilt on the carpet in the first week we will return and spot clean for NO CHARGE.


30 day no spots will return – if spots return we will return to re-clean or spot as necessary.


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