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Phone: 905-468-1107
Toll Free: 1-866-468-1107


Premium – The Best of the Best – Best  Value – Best Cleaning

Highly recommended for White or Light coloured carpets.  Pre-inspection with client

  • Traffic areas pre-vacuumed
  • Furniture moved as requested and returned with protective pads or blocks to prevent any damage.
  • Carpet Deodorized
  • Spots are pretreated
  • Polymer pre-spray used
    • the carpet actually gets cleaner over the next few days
    • brightens whites
  • “Steam Cleaned” via high powered truck-mounted units, advantages:
  • pH7 Neutral rinse
  • Heat Transfer Red Stain Treatment
  • Green Seal Protectant Applied to All areas cleaned
  • Baseboards wiped down (where furniture is moved)
  • Pile Set – all carpets with a pile are pile set this;
  •  Power dry with air movers;
  • Free Spotter Bottle and Laminated Spotters Guide
  • FREE  Cleaning within 6mths
  • 25% off Tile and or Duct Cleaning
  • Final Inspection and follow up with Client to:

Please note: Minimum Charge $89 (this applies to half price cleaning, or any other promotional discount).

Some stains by nature or by previous spot cleaning attempts can be  permanent. Complete pet odour removal may not be possible without treating the  backing, under pad and sub floor Please remove all breakables from anything you would like us to move – our  technicians are not responsible for breakage or damage caused – when moving  personal property.

Pet decontamination can be added to any of our services for an additional charge. This service includes urine inspection with either a black light device or urometer to find and determine extent of urine. Treatments may include depending on severity of contamination; removal of pad, sealing of sub floor, cleaning of both sides of carpet. Oxidizers, and enzyme treatments to remove staining and odours.

Excellent company – best job – I’ve had others but none compare – they really work hard to get out pet stains – went over areas again and again till they were satisfied – so was I. I am proud of the way my house looks – so clean.
L. Paterson


Salad dressing: Absorb as much salad dressing as you can. Mix 1 teaspoon mild detergent, 1 teaspoon white vinegar, and 1 quart warm water. Apply the solution to the spot. Let the carpet dry. If the spot remains, repeat the procedure. Vacuum gently.

100% Money back guarantee good for 7 days after the last re-clean which must be done within 7 days of the original cleaning.


7 day spill warranty – if anything is accidentally spilt on the carpet in the first week we will return and spot clean for NO CHARGE.


30 day no spots will return – if spots return we will return to re-clean or spot as necessary.


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Book Online & Save 10%