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Spots & Spills

Here’s Rule No. 1 regarding spots and spills on your carpeting:

Act Quickly!

Most carpet available today is stain resistant, so the majority of spills and  spots can be removed when immediate action is taken. But the longer the delay,  the higher the probability of a spill or spot becoming a permanent stain.  Remember, staining is influenced by many factors, and no carpet is completely  stain proof. If you catch the spill when it’s fresh, you’ve got a good chance  of removing it totally. Consider these tips, too:

  • Carefully blot or scrape the entire area before applying any cleaning solution. Remove as much of the spill as possible. If you have a wet vac this can be very handy to remove as much of the spill as possible.
  • Before using any cleaning solution, test your carpet in an inconspicuous area to make sure the cleaner won’t damage or discolor it. Test the cleaning agents that you keep on hand before you have to use them to make sure they will not harm your carpet. An all-purpose homespun solution that works very well is one part water to two parts water and right when you are going to use it add a teaspoon of liquid dish soap. Allow this to soak into the stain for 10 minutes before blotting. Or if you have one of our spotters use it for fantastic results.
  • Do not rub the spill — that might spread the problem to a larger area. Always blot. Scrubbing may cause pile distortion in the affected area.
  • When you apply spot cleaner, work from the outside of the stain toward the inside to avoid spreading the stain. After applying a cleaning solution, blot up all the moisture.
  • Over-wetting the carpet with any cleaner should be avoided, to prevent damaging carpet backing.
  • A clean white bath towel is unsurpassed for drying carpet and brushing the nap back up to a standing position.

Be patient!

spots1Complete removal of the spill may require repeating the  same step several times. After the spill has been completely removed, rinse the  affected area hours or over night. Thoroughly with cold water, and blot with a  dry white paper or terry towel, repeating the rinsing and blotting until all of  the solution has been removed. Most cleaning solutions will become a dirt  magnet if they are not completely removed. If you feel that there is still too  much moisture after blotting the carpet, place a 3/4-inch-thick stack of white  paper towels over the spot and a heavy plastic weight over top to draw up any  moisture and spill that might remain in the carpet backing and fibers, let this  sit there for a couple of

spots2If you do not feel comfortable attempting a spill clean up  we would be happy to come out and do it for you. Our minimum charge of only $89  applies to regular hours and emergency after hours minimum is $150.

We can  help, just ask;

Robert  Smith:
“AAA can be trusted to clean carpets and  bring them back to their original luster. 18 bottles of red wine “popped” their  corks behind my bar. David & his helper gave the carpet and under pad their  expert touch and viola! A clean carpet again. They are a treat to deal with and  Carol certainly puts you at ease when calling with an emergency. David is a  Houdini – you betcha ….”

Ryder  Payne:
“Your service has always been first class-  that’s why we call you back every year. Stain removing – previous cleaners made  you seem high tech, almost like magic. Quick drying.”

Excellent company, happy with stain removal & improved carpet appearance.
Evelyn Lloyd


Pay special attention to the areas where people sit and move their feet. Vacuum these areas of heavy traffic with a crisscross pattern of overlapping strokes.

100% Money back guarantee good for 7 days after the last re-clean which must be done within 7 days of the original cleaning.


7 day spill warranty – if anything is accidentally spilt on the carpet in the first week we will return and spot clean for NO CHARGE.


30 day no spots will return – if spots return we will return to re-clean or spot as necessary.


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